drawing challenge 159: vein

the theme of this weeks drawing challenge is chosen by VERONICA
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the finest veins of a leaf (image not by me but from the internet)
the veins in me
where the blood flows quietly towards the heart
they lie on the surface, so vulnerable
and that fits so well with how I feel.... february blues
this year reinforced by the fact that
since a few months our dog Splinter no longer lives with us
for various reasons, one the allergy and eczema of Oldest
we miss our little one....

i made this painting for DC 35 'family' in 2011
the love for our family that flows through my veins
size 20 x 30 cm

de fijnste aderen van een blad (afbeelding niet van mij maar via internet)
de aderen in mij
waar het bloed rustig stroomt in de richting van het hart
ze liggen aan de oppervlakte, zo kwetsbaar
en dat past zo goed bij hoe ik me voel .... februari blues
dit jaar versterkt doordat
sinds een paar maanden onze hond Splinter niet meer bij ons woont
om diverse redenen, een de allergie en eczeem van Oudste
we missen onze kleine....

ik maakte dit schilderij voor DC 35 'familie' in 2011
de liefde voor ons gezin dat door mijn aderen stroomt
afmeting 20 x 30 cm

10 opmerkingen:

  1. So very lovely Patrice. I love seeing your precious hand. I'm sorry about the loss of your Splinter and also about your February blues. This can be a very trying time. The sun will come out soon. Every time there's a little sun round here I try to spend at least 20 minutes in it. It really helps drive away the blues. Big hugs to you from me. :D

  2. Beautiful leaf photo. Nice to see how you summarize life into 3 images. - eric

  3. yes dear Patrice, we did look at veins in a similar way.
    beautiful photographed beautiful hand (with a sweet moon crescent on your tumbnail:)
    and very soon you will feel garden tickles in your veins, it will arrive that time, suddenly one of these days you'll step outside and the air will smell different. xx

  4. I love the analogies you've drawn here. Hope your blues pass quickly....

  5. lovely photo of the leaf
    and hand
    yes, family flows through our veins
    lately i find myself allergic to shedding animal hair
    i understand

  6. Dearest Patrice,
    this post fills my heart with warmth. Out of love for your son...
    And I remember this family portrait by you. It is still so very lovely, Patrice! Your hand: sensitive and sensory... and familiar.
    I would like to go for a walk with you at the seaside, doesn't matter if the weather is fine or is not! Give you some knuffel :-)
    xo Ariane xx

  7. Beautiful post Patrice. The leaf with only the veins holding it together is beautifully symbolic especially beside your beautiful hand and the lovely family painting. I too understand the eczema/allergy and treasured dog connection... it happened at our house as well. xo Kim

  8. dear patrice, march is coming, spring is in the air. I hope your february blues flies away with a zephyr. your family painting touch me very much.
    :-) mano

  9. First photo is such a beautiful½!

  10. mooi toch, zo absoluut mooi, die eerste foto... ha.
    lately i am fascinated by our skin, and the veins, indeed, they run so close to our largest outer organ, like rivers... we àre nature, cannot deny it if we tried.
    i'm so, so sorry splinter isn't there, i sense how important that canine life is in your lives... i hope you find a new way, does he live nearby now? i wonder.

    your painting gives me a cartooney feeling, i love it, patrice.
    it is march today! officially!! shooh, february at last. x