flowering hollyhocks

it's the time of the flowering hollyhocks
(and roses too  ;^))
how i love it
normally i pick the seepods
but this year they bloom later
or we are early
therefor i take pictures instead

dear ladies (yes, YOU, YOU and YOU!)
if you are traveling to here next year
we should certainly, alongside Rotterdam and Delft,
wander here for a day

images taken in Molkwerum and Hindeloopen

het is de tijd van de bloeiende stokrozen
(en ook rozen  ;^))
wat hou ik daar van
normaliter pluk ik de zaaddozen
maar dit jaar bloeien ze later
of zijn wij eerder 
daarom neem ik in plaats van foto's

lieve dames, (ja, JIJ, JIJ en JIJ)
als jullie naar hier reizen volgend jaar
moeten we zeker, naast Rotterdam en Delft,
een dagje hier ronddwalen

6 opmerkingen:

  1. what a colour explosion! I would love to spend hours sitting on that bench. x annton

  2. Do Hollyhocks have a scent - they look as though they would.
    And I should grow them in my garden....
    Next year.

  3. so so lovely patrice! i love hollyhocks and plant them too, but mine are looking very sad since we are having such an extreme drought here!

  4. Oh how I love hollyhocks.Sadly I have none in the garden this year, not one, so your beautiful images are a small but welcome compensation :o)

  5. schoon, hoor, oh die holly hocks!! i hope you find the extra special seeds soon, you will be back in delft, won't you? go get them!!
    but of course, my dear, we shall have to wander wherever you take us, and with the greatest pleasure too. i can't hardly wait, can you?
    but, oh.
    how sweet also, the power of anticipation.
    x n♥