#sailing #fryslan

tusken blau en grien....

i am home
and that's fine
i miss the wideness of Fryslan
and the sound of the waves
against the hull of TREES

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tusken blau en grien....

ik ben thuis
en dat is fijn
ik mis de weidsheid van Fryslan
en het geluid van de golven
tegen de romp van TREES

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5 opmerkingen:

  1. mooi, hoor. wat een sféér hier... i dig you're missing all that, at home. all that blue and open space... image # 1 is a poem!! n♥

  2. Just imagining the waves against the tree hull gives me shivers of pleasure and a yearning to go out to sea. It is nice to come home again, though. xo

  3. I am so with Carole on this. homesick for the sea. in the middle of that monster stone sea berlin. we will see. soon... beautiful images!

  4. friesland has a wonderful landscape. many years ago we stayed there for a bike tour.
    beautiful pictures!
    :-) mano