monthly quote: JULY

'Have nothing in your house
that you don't know how to use or
believe to be beautiful.'
                                                W. Morris

last saturday we were at a party
which was held in the garden of a monumental house
old and faded chic
the house had been empty for more than 10 years
with all the furniture in there, and more, like this little bird

i wish you all a summery July

afgelopen zaterdag waren we op een feestje
dat werd gehouden in de tuin van een monumentaal huis
oude en vergane chique
het huis had meer dan 10 jaar leeggestaan
met al het meubilair er in, en meer, zoals deze kleine vogel

ik wens jullie allen een zomerse juli

5 opmerkingen:

  1. That bird. So beautiful and precious. I would have loved to attend this party.

  2. i enjoy looking at bones.... and wondering and learning and appreciating.
    sounds like a wonderful place for a party.

  3. I like morbid things, so I like the little birdie bones. It must be great wandering in such a house and garden! and the quote of morris is so right, but there are sooo many beautiful things in this world...
    have a wonderful summer too, dear patrice!
    :-) mano

  4. I love your quote Patrice! ...
    I must try to remember :)

    and that bird...
    will there be a forthcoming print I wonder??

  5. Oh wow, that bird ... that is the kind of artefact I treasure.

    The quote is one I try to live by :o)