drawing challenge: earthly

sometimes I have to go back to the beginning
to get clear what is important for me
my two feet firmly on the earth and know that it is good
that it's enough
that I can on the beach on a stormy day
or in the mountains at the top of the world
than I need so little....

I wanted to make a symbol to help me remember
used a branch and some clay as earth, soil
(the shadow a small gift!)

look at all those participants from around the earth!!
thank you all so much for taking part

Renilde, Belgium
Stefanie, Germay
Ariane, Germany
Nadine, Belgium
Tatjana, Germany
Olga, Russia
Carole, Canada
Leena, Finland
Helen, Australia
Julia, Germany
Marit, Netherlands
Mano, Germany
Ilse, Belgium
Victoria, Canada
Lise B, Norway
Kirsten, USA
Alma, France
Ritva, Finland
Rachel, USA
and Norma!!

drawing challenge: aards

soms moet ik even terug naar het begin
om duidelijk te krijgen wat belangrijk is voor mij
m'n beide voeten stevig op de aarde en weten dat het goed is
dat het genoeg is
dat lukt me aan zee op een stormachtige dag
of in de bergen op de top van de wereld
dan heb ik maar zo weinig nodig....

ik wilde een symbool maken om me te helpen herinneren
gebruikte een tak en wat klei als aarde
(de schaduw een kadootje!)

24 opmerkingen:

  1. love this branch with feet.
    stand and breathe. rooted like a tree. feels so good ...

    earthly greetings,

  2. Really rooted! I am not so rooted to day, as I am in between flights to Italy. I was afraid I could not do it!

  3. I am sorry I could not make a link to your blog in my post. I will try in the next airport

  4. finding our balance.
    with our feet on the ground.
    this reminder is so pretty!

    fijne weekend. liefs

  5. so funny! good idea, very nice pictures.
    a dancer...
    enjoy your weekend, x

  6. I love 'than i need so little...'
    and you needed little here to create touching images,
    the branch so well chosen, feet(they look like dancing) and the pebbles (i am a pebble viewer too)
    every time you learn me this simple can have great and wonderful effects, especially the way you do it, x

  7. Dear Patrice, thank you for the lovely theme! I love the white steps, the figures in the stones and the very wise text, thank you x Leena

  8. Wow Patrice...so deeply beautiful..this speaks to my earthly soul and spirit!! The first image is so captivating..pure..gentle and strong at the same time..like a symbolic language of stones..love the black and white colors of them..and that thread of life that connected them all..wow!!!! and the branches and feet...stunning and inspiring..they truly bring forward a poetic translation of earth's spirit on many levels!!beautiful sacred work!!!!

  9. wat enig! and i love the whimsical aspect of your earthing too. it is so necessary, to remind ourselves of it. it actually gives us the energy to go on again... i love your branchy input.

  10. Patrice! Your earthly feet are stunning and simple and clever indeed!
    I often forget about the earth and only look towards the sea and sky. The earth grounds me. Thank you for the lovely theme.

  11. Patrice
    I love your earthly feet!!!!
    and your open stone circle great images against a plain backdrop....Queen of the Narratives methinks!

    Thanks for being an excellent host the theme opened my mind and gave me restless fingers! ;)

    I really do love these weekly challenges I missed them when I was on my blog hiatus

    Enjoy the weekend my earthly friend x

  12. you are so unique my friend!


  13. Dear Patrice,
    great work! so very basically. Love it!

    Do you know the Traditional Chinese Medicine with its energy gates? There are under each of our feet a point calls 'rich source' or 'gushing spring'.

    Thank you for these challenge. Reminds me on Mother earth and the engergy. All's well.

    x Ariane.

  14. dear patrice, I took much pleasure in this theme! and I love your "earthly feed" - stunning work!
    I'm sorry to say that I never visited australia, but my daughter stayed there for four month some years ago. she smuggeled the sand for me...

  15. Patrice, this is so witty! We all have to keep that in mind. Your reminder is not only clever it's also strong and beautiful. Thanks!
    And I also thank you for your sweet words.

  16. Anoniem29.4.12

    Gaaf om zo met 2 voeten op de grond te blijven.heerlijk toch om af en toe te kunnen aarden.


  17. those are some steady and truly earthly feet. very clever. my greta has a great fondness for stones and sticks, like you. this reminds me of something she might see or create. i love it.

  18. This drawing challenges are just amazing !

  19. my freundin! this is just wow! i ladore that that so much alive looking brunch and his one-toe feet! love, julia

  20. Dear Patrice,
    I've reseived a mail from Norma. Coming over Stefanie Seltner she would like to join our challenge. She's already done a wonderful painting here: http://www.thefairyyellowbugqueen.blogspot.ca/2012/04/horse-feathers.html

    Maybe you put her on your list? and I'll tell her to link back to you. Okay?

    Any ideas of a new host this weekend?

    x Ariane.

  21. these are great- I think I want some myself. thank you for such a fun challenge :)

  22. i LOVE those feet!
    wish i could've played this week - instead, accept my pictures from the earthly farm?!

  23. Patrice- this is absolutely GREAT!!!
    I LOVE this work- you've manage to put life and lotד of humor in this cut stick...xx

  24. Wow,Patrice...inderdaad..humor zit erin en mooi verbeeldt,fijn!