drawing challenge: a pair of....

in 1993 I visited the Vigeland Park in Oslo
it made a big impression, especially the granite statues around the monolith
representing the cycle of life
but the most impressive was a statue inside the museum
of a man sitting cross-legged with in his lap a curled up woman
which he embraces with both arms

for my graduation in 1995 I made this etching (one of a series of 16)
a pair of arms, to hold, to embrace and to carry

theme chosen by Helen
next week I will be the host!

drawing challenge: een paar....

in 1993 bezocht ik het Vigeland Park in Oslo
het maakte veel indruk, vooral de granieten beelden rond de monoliet
die de cyclus van het leven uitbeelden
maar de meeste indruk maakte een beeld in het museum
van een man in kleermakerszit met in zijn schoot een opgekrulde vrouw
die hij met beide armen omarmd

voor mijn eindexamen in 1995 maakte ik deze ets (een uit een serie van 16)
een paar armen, om vast te houden, te omarmen en te dragen

thema gekozen door Helen
volgende week ben ik de host!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. I lived with the Vigeland Park as my close neighbour for years. It's among my favourite places in the world, stil.
    Thank you, Patrice, for the embrace.
    Lilli xx

  2. Hello Patrice..so very beautiful..your imagery flies straight into my heart..it is very moving and symbolic...powerful...and leaves me feeling deeply peaceful! Gorgeous ..
    Wishing you a beautiful day..and thankyou for visiting me!!

  3. beautiful, timeless etching.
    thank you for the embrace.

  4. Dear Patrice,
    Your embrace (and etching) is really touching.
    One can imagine the missing part... and I add a woman, a little child...
    From Norway.


  5. Patrice this is really wonderful in its simplicity You can feel the woman being held in the space. I like the clean lines, clear space, the frame that defines the boundary and the economy of detail. Very nice :)

    PS: Im used to do printmaking too and have been thinking of taking it up again.

  6. ...so this is what arms are made for, you got that so well dear freundin, with only a few lines! love+big hug, julia

  7. I also visited Vigeland park in the early 90ies and loved it. I love the hands: plain pure delicate beauty x Leena

  8. I love your few, clean lines, the suggestion that often is more touching then a complete drawing, we can all nest in these arms and imagine that sweet sensation, beautiful, x