voor Rachel

elk jaar is er in de Noordoostpolder een Tulpenfestival met een tulpenroute
en elk jaar neem ik me voor te gaan, maar doe het niet
ondanks dat het zo dichtbij is

maar vorige week op een avond reed ik een deel van de route
en maakte foto's, voor Rachel

for Rachel

every year there is a Tulip Festival in the Noordoostpolder with a tulip route
and every year I have the intention to go, but I never do
even though it is so close

but one evening last week I drove part of the route
and took pictures, for Rachel


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  1. oh myyyy, my heart stopped for some seconds... breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!!

    also i want to thank you for the lovely words you write me when you visit, always makes me so happy : )

    wishing you a wonderful day dear patrice,

  2. hier kunnen alleen maar superlatieven voor gebruikt worden.
    ik laat de kleuren op me inwerken, ik verdrink erin en vind het heerlijk, x

  3. oh wow!
    nooit geweest, maar van het trein heb ik vaak van de tulpen genoten...

  4. Dear Patrice,
    that is really magnificent!
    Tulips from here to the horizon... earthly and supernal.
    Fantastic photos.

    x Ariane.

    PS.There is another participant. I've just wrote you on your last post from the challenge.

  5. i love tulips, especialy when the are older and move in the vases...
    my freundin would you follow me into UNDERWATER WORLD LIFE/LOVE as next drawing challenge theme!?
    love julia

  6. oh this is sooooo beautiful, thanks for sharing those pictures!

  7. cough! cough! splutter! splutter!

    I am drowning in colour...............and loving it!!!

    I cant stop looking at these fotos are truly wonderful.

    Tulips are hard to grow in OZ so thanks for sharing these

    Big wave from Helen in Melbourne :)

  8. Dear Patrice,
    Yesterday morning I saw this post. All it took was "voor rachel" to start the tears in my eyes. As I scrolled down the tears rolled down as well. So beautiful, so vast, so unbelievable! I love me one tulip, but a sea of tulips!!!
    I thought about those tulips and your thoughtfulness all day. I thought about the trip that was supposed to happen. I realized how I have pushed down my disappointment, keeping a logical head. We will make the trip to Holland, I will see that sea of tulips for myself. If your photos take my breath away and bring me to tears, can you imagine how I will be when I see it first hand?
    This post was a gift, Patrice. Thank you so very much.
    I have an great love for this flower and an infatuation with Holland. I'd love to get to know it better. Someday, some spring, I'll be there. And I'll drop in and say hello to you, my friend!

  9. elk jaar wil ik naar keukenhof.
    dit jaar dus weer niet, maar i soak up on your pretty images!!!

  10. When the page loaded my heart jumped from the blast of color!
    Tulips and Lambies?!!! is that HEAVEN?!!!!

  11. Dear Patrice,
    Its is so beautiful!
    Although we visited the amazing tulip fields three week ago- it is still overwhelming in the beautiful picture you've been taking...

    Thank you for your warm, lovely comment at my blog ...off course, I forgot to mention that it was a scooter that hit us(but I added that later on my blog...),
    love, Hagar.

  12. what can be more beautiful than the sea of colors, in a form of a flower!

  13. thank you Patrice! for thinking of me :)

  14. Sometimes we do not appreciate what is on our own doorstep. I am sure you must have been pleased that you made the effort for Rachel. Absolutely beautiful.

  15. Wow,wat een kleurenzee,prachtig!! Gek,hè als het dichtbij is dan denk je altijd ..och ik ga nog wel.(heb ik met P.H Eek :-)