een wandeling

vorig weekend, vroeg in de morgen
mijn oude analoge camera, een fotorolletje en nieuwe batterijen
een week later, de verwondering, de kleuren zo anders

ik ben de host voor de drawing challenge van volgend weekend
dinsdag maak ik het onderwerp bekend
dat geeft me wat meer tijd om na te denken....

a walk

last weekend, early in the morning
my old analog camera, a roll of film and fresh batteries
a week later, the wonder, the colors so different

I am the host for next weekend's drawing challenge
Tuesday I announce the theme
that gives me some more time to think....


10 opmerkingen:

  1. prachtige foto's, waar is dat meer ergens?
    Fijne week! x

  2. Dearest Patrice,
    I'm curious of your theme... und freue mich darauf!

    You have wonderful wandeling images here.
    Ah... analog. That special aura and colours (more soft? can't specify with words).
    What do you think? What is it?

    x Ariane

  3. love every picture here

    and the green house is ready
    for you

  4. Your photos are wonderful, Patrice!Is it cherryblossoms in the middle? How beautiful, a naked branch first, and a week later flowers. A curious thing happended to me when I started blogging, I started taking photos too. I had not taken a photo in 25 years. Now I love it, and I also love to see others. Yours are stunning!

  5. beautiful photos.
    love the colors and the "feeling" you get from using the analog camera.

    the sight of them was food for both my eye and sould today,
    thank you for adding this beauty to my day.


  6. great post Patrice
    I love the coupling images........Ill pop back in tomorrow for the challenge details.

    Helen X

  7. I think, I have a look to my old camera - I love your pictures! mano

  8. nature never fails to amaze us, you captured that in a tender way, x