drawing challenge: letters

I love writing, preferably with a fountain pen
I write a few pages daily and
cherish the letters I get
a letter, hand-written, is on top
of my wish-list every year
have I ever written a letter to myself?....

that's what I did, a letter to
the little me of 2 years old
'dear me, enjoy!, not so serious and be positive
you are good and good enough'

for more (intimate) letters look at Mano's welt 

drawing challenge: brieven

ik hou van schrijven, het liefst met een vulpen
ik schrijf dagelijks enkele pagina's en
koester de brieven die ik krijg
een brief, handgeschreven, staat elk jaar
bovenaan mijn verlanglijstje
schreef ik ooit een brief aan mezelf?....

dat is wat ik deed, een brief aan
de kleine mij van 2 jaar oud
'lieve mij, geniet!, niet zo serieus en wees positief
je bent goed en goed genoeg'

voor meer (intieme) brieven zie Mano's welt

23 opmerkingen:

  1. mhmmm.... interesting exercise, no?
    but i like your '2-year-old' drawing best and especially that little cross there, in the corner. it says so much.
    i love it, patrice.

  2. beautiful that drawing of the little Patrice, she must be happy to get a letter!
    I love her serious face.
    x Stefanie

  3. Nice to meet you, too. such a wonderfull drawing! I like it!
    Liebe Grüße Michaela

  4. hello little you!
    love everything about you.
    lots of hugs and kisses
    take care!

  5. Schöne Zeichnung! Und genau so stehen 2-jährige in der Landschaft, sehr gut getroffen.

    Liebe Grüße und ein gutes Restwochenende . Tabea

  6. Lovely!
    I am happy to meet you, too!
    Laughing about your Self-Portrait, I love gooses, my little Baby called Nils...
    Greetings to your Two-Years-Old- You!

  7. Little Patrice!
    is so cute and beautifully drawn I would write to her too.
    I love her dress and little bobbed haircut I had one of these too when I was little.
    Such a lovely drawing Patrice

    Helen x

  8. I love little patrice. she looks so curious to find more out about the world.
    a beautiful drawing and a wonderful idea to write her! :-) mano

  9. yes! letters are something very intimate ... and yet today we can read the many letters of famous people. they belong to the world literature. are public to everyone...

    i love your drawing of your "kleine mij"
    a letter to yourself is a good way to listen to themselves.

  10. heel vertederend portret van 'kleine mij' en een idee om even bij stil te staan terugkijken naar onze kleine mij,
    ik hou ook van dat kruisje, de symboliek ervan,x

  11. i like this drawing so much,
    old fashioned dress with only two colors
    and transparent paper washi tape cross

  12. This is lovely. Just lovely.
    Can't stop looking at that face.

  13. A wonderful idea, writing a nice letter to yourself as a kid - to your inner kid...?
    Perhaps I should do this more often, instead of shouting at mine. ;-)

    Greets, Katja

  14. Dear Patrice, so delicate and so beautiful, I love your post:) x Leena

  15. die kunst
    die poesie
    der humor
    die selbstironie

    I'm glad that I found
    the way to your blog!

  16. Little Patrice is just so huggable! You've captured a 2 yr old's curiosity perfectly. The addition of the gingham cross is lovely. Big Patrice is very talented! xo Carole

  17. Patrice this is heartwarming and full of grace and your letter contains the message that is essential to the human soul and you are completely on track with the way things are supposed to be in my way of thinking. First, we learn to love our self and then we are able to allow others to love us. I don't know if this makes sense here, but it is my paramount philosophy of life, actually. Great post!! *smiles* Norma

  18. dear, i finally posted my award post. thanks again my fried :)

  19. Oh my...
    dearest Patrice,
    your letter is very heartwarming and so wise. Your drawing so very lovely!
    And that cross... reminds me on care and a sticking plaster.


  20. I love this idea- and your 2 year old self is precious! and the words to yourself could not ring more true!
    What an inspiring thing to do :) thank You!

  21. adorable, determined you. i like this idea and your beautiful, fine drawing.


  22. absolutely adorable...and a message we all need to give ourselves.