drawing challenge: non-dominant hand

I am right-handed
but today I draw with my left hand
with searching, insecure, childish lines
that what stands in the windowsill

for more drawings with the non-dominant hand
look at Norma's blog

dc: niet-dominante hand 

ik ben rechtshandig
maar vandaag teken ik met mijn linkerhand
met zoekende, onzekere, kinderlijke lijnen
dat wat in de vensterbank staat

voor meer tekeningen met de niet-dominante hand
zie Norma's blog


15 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your wobbly lines - there is something enchanting about the hesitancy...
    Have a lovely weekend! :)

  2. Patrice look at how innocent and trusting this drawing is. Those long straight lines repeated one atop of the other. I mean the boxes stacked up offering you long lines to capture. And then there are lines and lines and lines stacked up in the window blind. You are so brave to draw this. I like the handles, closures and label on the boxes. It makes them interesting and I wonder what is in them. Beautiful drawing. *smiles* Norma

  3. tekenuitdaging voor Patrice van Inge voor de niet dominante hand tot het maken van een vogel...

    neem een blanco blad
    trek tien lijnen die telkens beginnen aan één zijde en eindigen aan een andere
    de vlakken die ontstaan kleur je in (materiaal naar keuze of waskrijt zoals bij ons)
    knip de vlakken op de lijnen uit
    vorm met enkele vlakken een vogel
    kleef deze op een blad
    knip rondom uit

    nu enkel nog wachten op gefluit...

    prettige weekend!

  4. Patrice, your wobbly lines, the photo of you left hand holding the pencil, the view of the still life arrangement.......all fabulous! Happy Weekend to you.

  5. I think you did amazingly well, I could not have done that with my right hand. Not at all, only in my head. There I can draw the most beautiful motifs:) Have a nice week end!

  6. It was quite a challenge, eh? I fought my dominant hand's desire to take over and felt tired when i was done! You did well, Patrice! -sus

  7. isn't this interesting?
    i find the lines to be very fragile, surprisingly moving, do you think?
    charmed by the tiny car too....

  8. i do agree with Nadine, the more i look at all the drawings, especilly the still lifes, the more i like them.
    yours too Patrice, it's beautiful alive and touching, and all the details, wow!, x

  9. OK, I'll say what everyone has said, "Hey, it really looks great"
    And indeed, your drawing looks great,
    I believe that with the brushes I have not done so badly, but my drawing... it looks terrible, HA HA but I really enjoyed it.
    Oh, I'm the first man among all women in the group!!
    Oh, it's an honor!
    many women... are going to let me talk? Ha Ha, (it was a silly joke)
    good week
    Thanks for your comment :)

  10. patrice, i do not draw realistically this well with either hand! i think this is wonderful...

    thank you for your words at my place... after drawing with my nondominant hand for so many years, i don't think there is much difference between what my two hands do now (except when it comes to things like straight lines).


  11. I think the wobble is charming and something about doing a drawing with the lesser used side- gives us a view of the whole you- the imperfect in the perfect.
    Renilde is right it is touching and alive :)

  12. I like your left-handed-drawings very much. they look reduced and simple - but these is very attractive.

  13. What a wonderful challenge and the outcome...!!

  14. Dearest Patrice,
    your childlike line, so very innocent and... true. Very special.
    I love your drawing a lot!