drawing challenge: new theme

the meeting of a few weeks ago
the conversation of last friday
and the things I am currently working on
brought me the idea, because
who am I?
outside and inside
what do I show and what not?...

the theme for next weekend, June 23:

will you join?

How it works: a host picks a theme. Bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in. 
The following Saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs and the host links to all the participants. 
A new host is also presented for the following week.
de ontmoeting van een paar weken geleden
de conversatie van afgelopen vrijdag
en de dingen waar ik momenteel mee bezig ben
brachten me op het idee, want
wie ben ik?
van buiten en van binnen
wat laat ik zien en wat niet?
het thema voor komend weekend, 23 juni: ik
doe je mee? 

29 opmerkingen:

  1. Dearest Patrice,
    really difficult theme...
    whereat I'm meditating.
    So I'm in.
    Nr. 66!


  2. aha, hmm, i'll give it a try, after all these years living with me i must have some idea ;) xx

  3. Dear Patrice,
    I would love to (try) and find who I am soon ; )

    Although I have been a bad participant lately , please cound me in!

  4. oooh this ones a toughie Ill have to massage the ol brain cells here.....hmmm "WHO am I? who AM I?" (The breakfast club)
    Count me in Patrice it will be interesting to see where this one takes us hey?


  5. dear patrice, thank you
    for letting me know and
    i am so in.


    good day to you,

  6. this is a very interesting topic, in view of who we are. it is a question popping up, all the time. i just read your interview and smiled a lot. as if you were saying it all, here, next to me. i could hear your voice!
    i think the dreaming is very important, while the plans will manifest, i'm pretty sure. you seem to know where you are going.
    seeing your work all through that post was also a gentle reminder of your art. wonderful.
    i wonder whether you'll be able to reveal more about you?
    i am, of course, in.

  7. WHAT A THEME, i am so very in!!
    because next weekend is a special date for me in some other directions and your theme fits so very well!!
    love +hugs, julia

  8. Dear Patrice, thank you so much for your comment and inviting me. I think its a good way to get back on track so I'm in - and desperately hoping that I find an answer and a way to show who I am?? Auweia.

  9. Hi! I'm Ritva's (blog Lumetta) grandchild. Your work is awesome! =)

  10. Oh my- what a theme- something more along the lines to a "life long question...no?" but I'm game :)
    Thank goodness I have the whole week ;)

  11. Oh, I would like to! But I do not have the time, I am going away. But a great theme!

  12. Hi! Please count me in! What a challenging theme, I have no idea what I will come up with! Haha! :-) greetings, Katharina

  13. Hello Patrice,
    thank you for the invitation...
    I will be thinking about me all the week
    and hope I have to show something at the weekend...
    Thank you for making me think about me!

  14. Patrice what an intriguing theme and it will be interesting to think about my self. Gosh I avoid this most of the time. This is like the wonderful experience of forming the right question for a consulting of the 'I Ching' where the question is the most important part of the whole process...here it is the thinking about what one shows, and does not show.

    Count me IN please, and I am honoured to be in this company.

    *smiles* Norma

  15. ik ben vak met deze thema bezig...
    en vooral die laatste zin,
    wat laat ik zien en wat niet.
    soms voelt het alsof ik verschillende leven leven.
    soms in de stadt, met dansers en kunstenaars,
    soms in het kibbutz, community life etc,
    ooit jaaren in nederland,
    nu jaaren in israel...
    etc etc.

    ik ben benieuwd wat jullie daarvan creeren?!


  16. what a pity, but we are moving at 23th, I already have no sense for anything else...
    Dear Patrice, thanks for the invitation, I hope you´ll all have a fine and inspiring time!
    x Stefanie

  17. I had to come back to read your interview. It is quite amazing how one feels one knows a person just by visiting their blog for a while. It's been cool to get to know you better but I must say it felt like I already knew you ...

    well, almost anyway ; )

  18. hi dear,
    i´m in- thanks!

  19. Dear Patrice, I have been too busy lately and it seems to be a good idea to stop to think about that theme right now- so count me in:)

  20. Hi Patrice, ik ga een keer meedoen maar nu nog niet.Weet in iedergeval nu pas hoe het werkt,thx voor de uitleg.
    Heb open studio a.s 23..totaal vergeten door de griep :-)

    Maar zoals altijd ben ik benieuwd wat je ervan maakt!

    ** Ingrid

  21. Hi, Patrice - I would like to be included in this week's challenge, please. Looking at your beautiful blog inspires... -sus

  22. Hoi Patrice, ik doe mee! ik plaats het alleen alvast op vrijdag, ik ben er het weekend niet. Kijken wat ik ervan maak;-)

  23. oja, ik had Vanessa Jane Phaff even gegoogled, ik snap wat je bedoelt met mijn tekeningen....

  24. Dear Patrice, thank you for invite me, things are really crazy around here, and the theme it's perfect, i'm totally in!
    hope you are having good times, hugs from Mexico:)

  25. Hello Patrice!
    This will be a tough one for me and I'm getting a late start, but I would like to join in.


  26. Still don't have a clue about who I am, or to be more precise, how I'll put that into a drawing (and when!), BUT I'd love to participate, so count me in, please. ;o)
    Keep my fingers crossed I'll finally get any idea!


  27. hello, oh what a great topic, i already have some paintings that would fit, so please count me in. thank you! :)

  28. oh,
    zo grappig dat je aan koekela gedacht,
    een van mijn favoriete plekken in rotterdam,
    die cheesecake is onzettend lekker!


  29. I would love to join in!
    Thank you!