drawing challenge: shadow

the shadow-play on the matted windows reminds me
of printed silk, of kimonos
sorry, no drawing this time
the theme, shadow, is chosen by Ariane
see her blog for more shadow

I am on my way to Eindhoven where I will meet Nadine and Ingrid
until later!

het schaduwspel op de gematteerde ramen doet me
denken aan bedrukte zijde, aan kimono's
sorry, geen tekening deze keer
het thema, schaduw, is gekozen door Ariane
zie haar blog voor meer schaduw

ik ga op weg naar Eindhoven waar ik Nadine en Ingrid zal ontmoeten
tot later!

21 opmerkingen:

  1. beautiful shades of green!

    have a wonderful time in eindhoven!

  2. those shadows are so soft and tender, beautiful!
    have a good time,
    x Stefanie

  3. lieve freundin,
    love these greens, lately i had a very realistic dream about
    me diving deeply in a lake... and you took the pictures!
    love&hugs julia

  4. Beautiful shadows, that also remind me of the eco-printed textiles by India Flint. I'd hang them on my wall!

  5. The green breathes,
    dear Patrice!
    Wonderful silky surface
    as a deep fairy pond with duckweed.

    Thank you very much for your pretty shadow play!


  6. ... I go green with envy...
    you know why
    Love A.

  7. so smooth and silky!
    would love to wear that kimono!

  8. Lovely, smooth and mysterious - it could be shady waters as well:) x Leena

  9. Loving your beautiful and mystical shadows, Annette x

  10. Patrice, am I looking up or am I looking down. Where is the movement leading me? It stops one...looking at shadow. This is nice. *smiles* Norma

  11. Magnificent dreamy shadows...i am lost in the beautiful mists of your gorgeous photos..stunning!

  12. Patrice
    love your kimono shadows I would love these images on fabric...heavenly. Im a little sad Im not coming along to meet up with Nadine and Ingrid I just know I would enjoy myself......but even if I started swimming I wouldnt get there in time for drinks :(

    Give woolfy a big hug from me!!!

    Look forward to hearing about it when you get back

    Helen x

  13. Patrice.....the movement in these shadows is wonderful! A feeling of swimming in the ocean looking up into the trees with the waves rolling above. Lovely colour. I'm very jealous you get to meet up with Nadine and Ingrid!

  14. Hi Patrice,
    Beautiful work......waiting to hear about your day

    Check my blog there is a surprise waiting for you there...;-)

  15. kimonos,
    inderdaad, het zou een prachtige stof worden! (stoff?) geen zin in google translator s'ochtends! :)

  16. Yes they do look like komono prints... So lovely you are meeting you girls! Enjoy : )

  17. these greens take me in, diving into a silent world of changing forms, becoming just a shadow, mooi!

    wishing all the three of you a day to cherish xx

  18. fantastic silk kimonos in beautiful green shades!
    dear patrice, may I invite you for the next drawing challenge? I'm the host and my theme is LETTERS! :-) mano - hope you enjoy your meeting!

  19. there's rhythm and music here, in your photographic style!
    oh, on a kimono? mhmmmmm...
    {or perhaps on a PH EEK design...}

  20. wonderful dreamy moody shadows! like a painting almost and the colors are just beautiful!!

  21. i have a similar matted window and everyday at around 5 in the afternoon I spy the most beautiful leafy shadows, just like yours.