dance, dance ....

this image of Clint Farha is my all time favorite image
look at their faces!

this 100th drawing challenge with the theme DANCE
makes me look at and through all the images and catalogs
i collected about dance over the years
images of dancers and choreografers
of companies like NDT, Scapino Ballet or Introdans
this theme makes we watch modern ballet pieces on YouTube
pieces of Pina Bausch and Conny Janssen, 
of Hans van Manen (i so LOVE his work), 
Toer van Schaik, Isabelle Beernaert and others
this theme gets under my skin
and i love it!

see you on saturday!! 


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Same here, dearest Patrice,
    this theme gets under my skin.
    It is fantastic :^)

    ... and you have won Jazzy two shoes for this dc?!

    Love to you
    xo Ariane.

  2. getting ALL excited, ja, ja!
    we're heading for a show!!!

  3. oh een heel mooi thema!!
    <3 pina!! deed op haar school in essen op een blauwe maandag nog een gastles (heb je de film pina 3d gezien?)