de bloesemtakken van onze pruimenboom
dansen in de wind
terwijl ik met een glimlach terugkijk
op de 100ste drawing challenge
dank jullie wel!!
voor het meespelen, delen en dansen

plum tree

the blossom branches of our plum tree
dance in the wind
while i look back with a smile
on the 100th drawing challenge
thank you all!!
for playing, sharing and dancing


11 opmerkingen:

  1. Love is in the air...
    thank you, my dear Patrice.
    I am really glad you are here!
    Wonderful photos.
    Hope you have such a blue sky tomorrow... looks pretty to oranje :)

    xo Ariane

  2. Graag gedaan, het was een super thema! En je foto's zijn prachtig, dansende bloesems zijn gewoon mooooooi!

  3. dear patrice, I'm happy to tell you, that I have a little sketch for the 100th dc now. please look here:
    love, mano

  4. en gisteren laatste queensday, hoe was het?
    ik heb trouwens en sameling fotos voor de drawing challenge, dus geen drawing maar wel challenge en wel dansen!

    heel veel knuffels!

  5. witte bloesem tegen helblauwe lucht is altijd zo'n opknapper!

  6. it looks so lovely!

    (our plum tree doesn't get so beautiful before much later in the summer...)

    lots of love

  7. There was a tiny plum tree in our garden as a child. My neighbor Rosa and I would climb it and eat plums and chat. Funny, I don't remember the blossoms, only the fruit!

  8. These blooms are so short lived and so loved right! It's sad when they all blow away, but beautiful too-

  9. Wonderful. Springtime is the best with all that tiny tree flowers.
    In german there is a saying like emperor weather.
    I guess that is what it was, perfect king and queen weather - I hope you enjoyed that wonderful day, Ariane and I did, only for a short time, but it was a blast. So funny with the people in that cafe starring at us giggling with our papercrowns.
    Barbara xoxo

  10. thank you dear Patrice!
    see you this weekend
    x Stefanie

  11. jaja en eindelijk is het dan ZO lente. fijn he?!