drawing challenge: beauty

the theme beauty is chosen by Nadine of tinyWoolf

there is so much beauty around me, for example
the simple forms of our Teema tableware and
the lamp above the dining table i enjoy every day
or the taste of chocolate with caramel and sea salt
and the cello suites of Bach i never get tired of
and my boys, my best artworks

been observed with all my senses
a matter of taste
beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
the sentence that has been in my head the whole week

when cleaning up the attic before i started painting the walls
i found my etching plates of nearly 20 years ago
and one i hadn't printed before
until today


er is zoveel schoonheid om me heen, bijvoorbeeld
de simpele vormen van ons Teema servies en
de lamp boven de eettafel waar ik elke dag van geniet
of de smaak van chocolade met karamel en zeezout
en de cellosuites van Bach waar ik nooit genoeg van krijg
en mijn jongens, mijn mooiste kunstwerken

waargenomen met al mijn zintuigen
een kwestie van smaak
schoonheid ligt in het oog van de aanschouwer
de zin die de hele week al in mijn hoofd zit

bij het opruimen van de zolder voordat ik de muren ging schilderen
vond ik mijn etsplaten van bijna 20 jaar geleden
en één daarvan had ik nog niet eerder afgedrukt
tot vandaag

15 opmerkingen:

  1. wow! beautiful print that is, and just perfect for the sentence in you're head. I think that's true and beauty is different for everyone. And I love the pictures you took!

  2. BEAUTIFUL images and print, Patrice!
    Beautiful press you have too.
    xo Carole

  3. What a delight to find something so perfect just waiting in the attic.

  4. there you go! such a lucky find in the attic...!
    i'm glad you have been musing upon the theme, it makes it all the more profound, and i value those thoughts so, those objects of beauty around you that make the surroundings special, every day.
    bar, your boys! they are not objects... ;))))
    thxs for playing, patrice!!
    so. one day you'll explain the etching to me, won't you?
    and demonstrate too, won't you?

  5. The eyes have it! :) we had the same sentence rolling around this theme. I love the mystery and penetrating look of your etching- it's like a magnet to look at :)
    PS beauty of a press!!

  6. Oh, an animal beauty,
    dearest Patrice,
    your etching!... Love especially the third pic...

    Together with your beautful home... mmmh... choice beauties in there... filled with beautiful tones.

    Love... to you and yours
    xo Ariane.

  7. and, please... may I invite you to the next dc... my theme is TILES.

    xo A.

  8. Beautiful creation... and yes beauty is all around us in so many ways. I have been working hard this year to observe the beauty, not take it for granted. I hope you have a beauty filled week.

  9. What a beautiful print! Can't stop looking at those eyes, so deep and intense!
    Don't know how etching really works, but the outcome is great. One of my favourites of this topic!

  10. So Beautiful, Patrice, your etching press (not to mention the print). The photo of the press brings back such a beautiful memory of the print shop at University. I still miss those days! -sus

  11. Dear Patrice, I had the same sentence in my head and also the struggle of what of all the beauties to choose, so with your wonderful and capitvating yet simple (in the best way) etching you solved the "problem" beautifully.
    Love Barbara

  12. wonderful eyes - good idea!
    And I adore the post with the hiep hiep hurrah - so much fun, beautiful!!
    x Stefanie

  13. well i'm glad you did sweet Patrice and again i fall in love with your black and white,
    yes beauty a matter of all senses,
    and your boys without doubt,xx

  14. What a find!
    Beautiful post.
    Beautiful work.

  15. Patrice, the simplicity of the line in your artwork, the simplicity of the workings of the printing press, the simplicity of the whites in these surroundings are simply beautiful. Just beautiful. N, x