NEW THEME for the 100th drawing challenge

Ariane asked me to think about a theme 
for this 100th drawing challenge
not an easy task when you look at
the 99 themes we already had
and while looking at these themes
i could see a story
a story about me, so i played

while living my everyday life 
i try to balance between 
work and art and home
eating breakfast with my family
i feel like a lucky bird
when i look out the window
i see a bird and dream about having wings
i can see the garden and the first blossom
which makes me smile
after teatime we go for a ride by bike
to the woods, there are no clouds in the sky
we see the dancing shadows of the branches
with tiny little green leaves
in my head a soft whisper of a theme
a theme with rhythm
a theme about celebrating
something universal
and no Ariane, not nude  ;^))

the theme of this 100th drawing challenge
on April 27 - 28 is:

this drawing challenge once started 
with an idea of Elisabeth
you can see the first challenge here
it still works the same:

a host picks a theme
bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in
the following saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs 
and the host links to all the participants 
a new host is presented for the following week

are you in? 

Jazzy Jasmin, Céline, Ariane, Norma, Carole, Renilde,
Sara (maybe), Tania, Sue, Emily, Joanne, Susan,
Barbara, Cindi, Ritva (maybe!), Nadine, Stefanie
Petra (maybe), Kim, Kristen, Milady Stephanie
Julia and Helen and .... 

 both images of Henry Matisse 'The Dance'

26 opmerkingen:

  1. haha, ik zag je thema meteen toen ik het werk van Matisse zag! mag ik meedoen? I love to dance!

  2. Uuuh, I wanna dance with you, Baby!
    dearest Patrice, DANCE is a wonderful theme for the 100th dc!... naked would a nice theme, too :))

    I get the 'balance' right, looking in the 'mirror' during trying to dance the 'letters of the alphabet'. In the 'theatre', it was in the 'City' of Berlin, I have seen the pirate's dance.... her 'body'! a fantastic 'metamorphosis' of 'monkey'... 'monster'... and like in a 'fairy-tale' she turns with a big 'smile' on her face in a 'crow'. She dived into an 'underwater life' as 'little red riding hood' and arised as 'Alice in Wonderland'... ...

    Oh, what fun! I am thrilled like in the first beginning two years ago :)

    xo Ariane.

  3. I'm strapping on my dance shoes as we speak Patrice! Count me IN. Norma, xo

  4. Ah ha........ I am already leaping and twirling along with you too! Turn up the music. xo Carole

  5. i can't refuge such a lovely invitation to dance, please count me in , x

  6. wauw!
    wat een mooie verhaal van alle die drawing challenges....
    ik herinner mij nog, het begin :)

    oh, en tuurlijk hou ik van dansen, ben ik verslaafd aan dansen zelfs,
    maar geen tekenaar. misschien toch wel iets!
    dankjewel voor mooie uitnodiging, ik krijg heel veel zin om samen te dansen!

  7. Dancing is one of my favourite pleasures!!
    Best theme for dc jubilee edition, so count me in, please!

  8. A brilliant choice and I would love to dance this week. Please count me in.

  9. Oui, Oui please include me in this dance. thank you!

  10. Yes! Thank you for the invitation to this special celebration.
    I have been a fair weather drawing challenge friend.
    So I feel honoured to be included.

  11. Yes, please, Patrice, I will join the dance.

  12. Hi Patrice, when someone calls me sweetie, how can I resist? I'm in.
    The gardner with the beard is my great-grandfather and I choosed this pic because its what I'm doing lately: gardening - ha, its so wonderful having spring again isn't it?
    See you latest saturday virtually spoken.
    xo HUGS Barbara

  13. Ich Idiot. I forget to say how wonderful your little poem story is about the drawing challenges - I love it! Very good. You're damn talented, do you know that? Really?

  14. I have no idea how to approach this. . .so of course, I say yes!

  15. Dance is a great theme to explore. So many options await. Which path to take. I look forward to perusing all that are shared here.

  16. thanks dear,
    i´m not at home and will be back on saturday.
    a lot of things to do, a real dance of matters :)
    the openings are near.
    so i cannot promise, but if, and that´s a big IF- i WILL.

    your poem is super!!!!

    ps. i would like to have you as a skype friend :)

  17. darn! i was expecting nude... hee hee... ;))))

    dance, hey?
    well, try and stop me, although the image here says it all and can it become any better, or different, i wonder?
    isn't that something?
    you've created a supercalidocious build up, patrice!

    email y'all soon!

  18. wonderful story.♥
    Shall we dance ? Oh yes a women will always dance.
    I'm not sure if I'll make it in time, so please count me in. I will try. Such a nice topic.

  19. Yes I too will join in the DANCE! Have a wonderful week.

  20. Hello Patrice!
    Thank you for coming in to say hello!
    This image by Matisse is one of my all time favorites~ In fact, its sitting on my desk right here with me and has been with me since college.
    I will scribble something together - I have gotten so busy it's been tough to
    keep up with you ladies!!

  21. dear patrice, thank you for your beautiful poem and the invitation for the 100. drawing challenge. but I'm so sorry - it's not possible for me at this time. perhaps some days later, I don't know..
    love, mano

  22. oh, i am late!!
    please count me in,
    maybe i have to dance with you
    on sunday:)
    love, julia

  23. Hello Patrice!!!!!

    just the sort of challenge I need to clear the cobwebs and get back to it. Count me in please looking forward to visiting all my bloggy friends on the weekend.

    Helen xxxx

  24. oh sorry, I was too late, I would have liked to dance with you, Patricia.