drawing challenge 105: key

i have only two keys on my key chain
beside a leather house, the tinkler that i got
when i was pregnant of Oldest, the ring that he once laced
for mothers day 
and archangel Gabriel
my bunch of keys is therefor larger and heavier
and i get them less often or easily lost

since Oldest goes to secondary school he has his own house key
because of the theme 'key' of this dc, chosen by Renilde
our Youngest get his key earlier
after the summer break he will also go to secondary school
a new phase
a private key
the beginning of more independence

ik heb slechts twee sleutels aan mijn sleutelbos
daarnaast een huisje van leer, het belletje dat ik kreeg
toen ik zwanger was van Oudste, het ringetje dat hij ooit reeg
voor moederdag
en aartsengel Gabriel
mijn sleutelbos is daardoor groter en zwaarder
en raak ik minder vaak of makkelijk kwijt

sinds Oudste naar de middelbare school gaat heeft hij een eigen huissleutel
door het thema 'sleutel' van deze dc, gekozen door Renilde
krijgt onze Jongste zijn sleutel iets eerder
na de zomervakantie gaat ook hij naar de middelbare school
een nieuwe fase
een eigen sleutel
het begin van meer zelfstandigheid

19 opmerkingen:

  1. a private key,
    also means a place called home to which he can unlock the door, a loving, caring mother that's there for him, your key touched me, your key chain told me a story of cherishing,
    thank you my dear, xx

  2. you have two keys
    i have three
    nice to have a light key chain, eh

    fun to consider your keys

  3. beautifully written, photographed and shared. Thank you so very much.

  4. Clean and spare, a crisp and fresh take on our theme. Your two are lucky they have you to come home to!

  5. so nice and interesting!
    and I am worrying - to imagine my son will have his own key one day... o lala... he loses lots of stuff...
    but time will come.
    x stefanie (thank you so much for your kind words at my blog!)

  6. Wow, what a beautiful post! I like the pictures you took, they are really good. En grappig dat je meer andere dingen aan de sleutelbos hebt hangen dan sleutels;-) heb ik ook, Op een gegeven moment heb ik hem maar eens "opgeruimd" omdat ik altijd opzoek was naar de sleutels, hihi!

  7. aw! you've written us your own tiny private key story!
    and no kidding... a house on your bunch???

    ja! de zon, zàlig, en toch zit ik binnen... ha.

  8. when the children have their own key, there is a time that has passed without us noticing, right? They have grown rapidly
    I'd like to hear how it sounds that tinkler ♫

  9. when i think about my fiRst key, it must be twenty yeaRs ago .... oh, it was a wondeRful day. i was so pRoud.
    thanks foR youR pRivate stoRy. i like it. so much.

  10. too moved, dear Patrice
    and i know before long i'll be having to make a copy :)

  11. your key holder reminded me a bit of mine Patrice. Two keys and lots of other loved things...

  12. Dear Patrice, I love your key chain its so perfect you with the little house and very cute (I still love your house intensly and be happy about it every day).
    Giving the kids their first own key is a big step into adulthood and for sure a major key experience!
    P.S. Wasn't quite sure about the video especially with the voice ;)

  13. A new phase of life, wonderful and touching. Full of thoughts and memories! Thank you for the photos and words!
    Meike ♥

  14. independence is wonderful. I think also for you!
    touching story, dear patrice!
    :-) mano

  15. Oh,
    its touching, dear Patrice, my Mama eyes turns a little bit wet...
    and... it maybe true that I know that key chain... I remember especialy that blue leathery house... so beautiful, and yes, like Barbara I love my wooden house :)

    About my dream... You are right!
    Dear, and it would be great if we are the ones that paint the mural... rejoices my heart :)

    xo Ariane.

  16. I love that you have turned your keys into such a beautiful charm!
    Handing over independence can be heart wrenching (and gut wrenching too)
    I will be thinking more about what I keep on my key chain in future!!
    love and hugs

  17. Well Patrice, you got all of us 'mothers' feeling it! Life! It goes on. Thank goodness for keys. They keep us grounded, certain, and safe. I remember when my daughter was a teenager and she'd be out and I'd be in bed but not fully sleeping and I'd make her a plate of some sort of food and put plastic wrap over it and then in the fridge. I always wanted her to have a dinner in her stomach. You know those teenagers, they forget to eat, or usually eat the wrong things (greasy burgers) and I'd hear the key in the lock and feel the relief and almost instantly fall asleep. While I was falling asleep, I'd hear the microwave oven beeping. This meant that she'd heated up the dinner plate. Then I fell completely asleep, feeling happy. Thank you for reminding of this time in my life. Norma, xo

  18. Yes. A very important step to independence! Giving a key to the child. Wow, it's wonderful that you reminded me of this gesture! I still remember how proud I was when I got the key to our house.
    And I love your keyring, the little leather house! And I have a similar coin with a picture of a saint on mine...I got it from Mont St.Michel... ;o)