drawing challenge 109: time travel

the theme of this week, time travel, was chosen by Miss Herzfrisch Sabine

for years i have been working on a private assignment
sketches and notes complemented with texts
which have to become linocuts and drawings about
for me, important events
looking back
time travel
and wonder

a favourite time for me are my early 30ths:
art school, (sport)climbing and
becoming a mother for the first time

drawing challenge 109: tijdreizen

al jaren werk ik aan een eigen opdracht
schetsen en aantekeningen aangevuld met teksten
die linosneden en tekeningen moeten worden over
voor mij, belangrijke gebeurtenissen
en verwonderen

een favoriete tijd voor mij zijn mijn begin jaren 30
kunstacademie, (sport)klimmen en
moeder worden voor de eerste keer

Austria summer 1996 - Oostenrijk zomer 1996

11 opmerkingen:

  1. i loved seeing your notes/sketches
    they look like sacred geometry

    wonderful photo of you, surely it takes you back in time ~

    I would enjoy if you stop by my blog Monday for my post for hosting DC next week. It would be lovely to have you join us!

  2. dearest patrice,

    I love that you have a private assignment just for you
    but that you share a little bit with us
    by showing these beautiful pages
    I wish you more time for making
    what I know will be wonderful lino cuts : )

    k x

  3. what a wonderful documentation! It would be great to root in this fabulous book!
    :-) mano

  4. wat spannend, wat eigenzinnig!
    aye wonderful take on a diary, muzz... !
    yes, do make linocuts, i'm intrigued!

  5. Wow, what an amazing personal document! Kind of artwork itself! This is what I call accurate (and what I meant is missing in my way of working)... ;o)
    Hope you'll realise lots of ideas out of this!

  6. Not only the document, but the annotations with exclamation points illustrate a fascinating and engaging journey through time. I hope we get to view some of the works realized from these private notes!!

  7. I love the organisation of your notes! The numbered boxes and annotations...
    Also dig the checked shirt ;)
    Will you share the lino prints?
    Hope so.

  8. Oh I love that book - private assignments- sounds like something a person could really dig into :)
    And over such a long time too! There is nothing quite like going over a period of time in pages :)

  9. nieuwsgierig op dat boekje...
    fijn dat je terug bent!

    begin jaren 30, ben ik nu dus in! spannend...
    veel liefs

  10. Art journals my most favourite book of all! They are like recipe books revisited often for new ideas and inspiration. I couldnt survive without one in my life. But they are a bugger to store especially if you use A3 bound ones like I have in the past! A lovely post Patrice.

    Helen x

  11. a personal code of a life's moments
    intriguing and fascinating, dear Patrice
    and that landscape behind you draws me in