mijn eerste cactus

een cactus met oren
een van de weinige die ik leuk vind
dankje mam!
net als de cactus die ik eerder haakte
en nog eerder tekende, zie hier

kussen van Renilde, hier te koop
stapeltje Uppercase magazines

my first cactus

a cactus with ears
one of the few that i like
thanks mom!
like the cactus that i crocheted earlier
and even earlier drew, see here

cushion by Renilde, for sale here
stack Uppercase magazines


13 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Patrice. You have the cutest, happiest little cactus!
    Have you seen the auction going on at Uppercase website? You should check out the bids!!!!! Have a lovely week. xo Carole

  2. Love the contrast... that play of soft, cuddly, dear Patrice
    and the inkling of spiky.

    Looking forward...
    xo Ariane

  3. i would love to see uppercase magazine, i will have to look for it here. love your cactus, i love cactus and the deserts they grow in!

  4. i have one just like that.
    enjoy the green around this season.

  5. I had one,too, a long time ago. It was tinged red, and had a name: Olivia Opuntia. Watch out for the prickles!

  6. a. has 3 tiny cacti on her windowsill
    she's building up a little collection
    they are always the highlight of her visits to the garden centre :)

  7. I love it so much! It has such personality. And that cushion! oh my, thank you for sharing her website and work, SO beautiful...

  8. je eerste en je hebt de leukste uitgekozen!!

  9. oh! tis een hele grappige, een beetje een micky :)
    fijn weekend patrice

  10. Firstly, a list of what I love in this post...
    1. The cactus in its little earthenware pot and white water dish
    2. The delicious stack of uppercase magazines
    3. The soft pastel coloured pots
    4. The textured wallpaper in white
    5. That fabulous cushion/wall hanging

    Nice work Patrice!