drawing challenge 106: mood board

the theme 'mood board' is chosen by sweet Rose Ariane

for about 25 years i make ambience collages or mood boards 
for clients, to match the interior proposal
but not before one for myself
or, about me
this is what i love
this is me
as mood board
inter alia with my favorite photo of 2008 of me and my sons

drawing challenge 106: mood board
al zo'n 25 jaar maak ik sfeercollages of mood boards 
voor klanten, passend bij het interieurvoorstel
maar niet eerder een voor mezelf
of, over mij
dit is waar ik van hou
dit ben ik
als mood board
onder andere met mijn favoriete foto van 2008 van mij en mijn zonen

29 opmerkingen:

  1. Natural elements, soft colors, reminders of a loving family, and a gentle sense of order. A calming, peaceful mood I think, and very nice.

  2. Dear Patrice, I love it! Such fragile, calm and yet strong piece of art, thank you x Leena

  3. this is beautiful
    the way you have it laid out
    the details
    may i ask, what are those flat round white discs on the string? ceramic?
    a lovely sight ~

  4. your mood board looks exactly how it should. up front and personal. and tugging at the heart. inspirational!

  5. You make a fine moodboard Patrice.....lovely neutral tones very restful. I do lots of moodboards for clients as well but rarely use them myself it was nice to explore them for myself this time.

    Have a great weekend

    Helen :)

  6. wondeRful. you. and youR moodboaRd.
    love it. käthe.

  7. I see heart shaped stone collection, earth and happiness
    nothing more exhilarating than our reality (or traces of it)

    thank you for the inspiration : )

  8. wow, very nice and so personal, I love it! funny that you never made one for yourself....

  9. I LOVE it! Beautifully done. The colours and shapes and textures all look so lovely together. The beautiful framed picture of your family. I did not have time to create a mood board and participate this week, but your images sure make me want to find the time.

  10. Beautiful and organic! makes me breathe better looking at this collection :)
    Happy weekend :)

  11. heartwarming and beautiful
    all my favourite textures are in there

    k x

  12. Dearest Patrice, my dear friend...
    such a beeeautiful photo of you and your sons!
    Your mood board... so fair and square... pure and organic
    with the lovely heart shaped stones... the sensual different materials...makes me wanna touch and caress... the warm and fresh colour shades... calms me.
    This is you
    and I love it.

    Thank you very much, Dear, for playing... sharing.
    ♥ Ariane xo

  13. And now you have made such a beautiful mood board for yourself, Patrice!
    Happiness flows through it. xo Carole

  14. I see a mood
    of happy serenity, Patrice.
    Such a great collection of

  15. the poem and the photo, they jump out to me because they are like the core, essential,
    lovely peaceful palet dear Patrice, xx

  16. dear Patrice,
    i've never made a mood board
    but now i feel i'd like to
    with your mother smile right in the middle!

  17. I LOVE the photo!
    much love,
    xo, j

  18. your mood board is just to my taste!
    :-) mano

  19. wat een practhige foto van jullie 3 en
    wat een prachtige mood board!
    en het kleine huisje!


  20. Goh maar hier word ik ook echt blij van :-)
    Heel mooi en sfeervol, rustgevend en zacht.
    Dank je om m'n dag goed te maken met deze mooie moodboard!

  21. so very nice and beautiful - must be you!
    I love the clearness and the colors and natural materials.
    x Stefanie

  22. I wonder if it was easier or more difficult to make a moodboard for yourself? Anyway, it was about time if you didn't do it before. It seems you're a very relaxed person, calm, pure, connected to family and nature. Very likeable (not that I guessed that before!). It's interesting how much of a person is inside such a small moodboard...I like yours very very much, it makes me feel comfortable, but I know mine would be totally different...I'd love to sit down with you and make my moodboard now! ;o)

  23. This is a wonderful moodboard. My colours, my materials... a cloud, thriftwood, the garland... and of course, heart stones. There are a lot of them in my home too. :-)
    I am sorry that my blog is only in german, but my english is too jolty to express myself in ths language as well as in my own.


  24. really like your moodboard, I can understand your mood ;)

  25. Beautiful board. And there's my friend Xenia again. I'm sitting under my own mobile as I write. I love that these serene objects are shared by so many of the people I admire.

    And I do so hope to participate in another drawing challenge, someday soon....

  26. Wat een mooi bord, grinnik..zonder heftige kleuren en met natuur. Eenvoud.

  27. This is just so special Patrice. You are a real talent at creating a mood that is for sure. I feel so calm and happy viewing this visual that you've created. Wow. And that photo of your beautiful children! It makes me smile. N, xo