drawing challenge: bed and board

the theme 'bed and board' was chosen by sweet Rose Ariane

first i translated 'bed and board' into Dutch
'tafel en bed', 'table and bed', ??....
when i searched the internet i found all those hits about the difference between
divorce and seperation from bed and board.... hmmm....
i was sure Ariane didn't meant THAT with this theme
so i turned it into the obligation to take care for each other
what my love and i are doing for about 23 years now
take care for
look after
see too
with all the processing and preserving i have done lately i feel like a good housewife
i am taking care of our 'bed and board' and
love my full pantry filled with goodies and love   ;^)))


11 opmerkingen:

  1. HA! I looked for the translation as well and on the internet I found an old Truffaut film. I think your interpretation is wonderful like your wonderful undone bed. Taking care of each other, tender and care and homemade goodies make a house a home and different people a family.
    Thanks for sharing your point of view.

  2. ah so beautiful, your interpretation and your lovely labels and preserves. love your small bedside table too! 23 years is so wonderful, here's to the next 23...
    cheers :)

  3. These are wonderful photos and nice, crisp, clean colors. I especially like your tags, though. Mine are so much more dull and functional.

    It looks like you are tending exceptionally well to you AND your partner!

  4. woops, yeah and yumm! and homemade gherkins; they are true soldiers to bed and board.... who can resist them?
    ps - okay to clip your original 'breakfast' table (remember) drawing challenge entry for my next weekend dc post? you'll find out why tomorrow or on tuesday! mail me anders maar, hoor!

  5. Oh, my dearest Patrice,
    'Liebe geht durch den Magen'... the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach ;)
    Taking care of 'bed and board'... in a so sensual, delicious way.... beauuutiful! What a feast! Pruimen chutney... mmmmmh!

    Thank you my Dear for the peep to your bed and what will come onto your tafel. Lovely, tender and strong, you are a good housewife, yes of course!

    kisses right and left

  6. Wonderful pickles and preserves, Patrice! I love making jam myself. And also love keeping the home fires burning for 30 years with my Sailor. xxoo, sus

  7. there is nothing like a pantry filled with love
    and I see there is a note on the pillow
    I hope it makes for sweet dreams : )

    k x

  8. so much care gone into your pantry ! I'm jealous ;) your home must be a refuge for you and your family!
    Do I see a poem on the pillow case in the top photo?? 23 years is nothing to shake a stick at !! your obviously doing many things right :)

  9. Beautiful photograph of your bed!
    And I am not the only one curious to know what is printed on the pillow ;)

  10. oh wauw,
    wat veel liefde
    in je woorden
    in je augurken
    in je cadeau


  11. Wonderful interpretation! From bed to augurken and prime chutney! Pure joy! ;o))
    The bed picture is just beautiful and I had the same thought like joanne: what's the text an the pillow about? Impertinent curiosity!
    Just go on like this and have many more happy 23 years of family life!! ;o)

    I'm late with my bed & board, but finally did it.