drawing challenge: nature

the theme of this week is chosen by Nadine

end of August, the end of summer is visible
oh so subtle autumn comes closer
the sunlight gets a golden glow
the green is darker, grasses flourish

i am in love with the subtle pin-prick drawings (scroll!)
on paper by MISO, therefor
a small hommage

drawing challenge: natuur

het thema van deze week is door Nadine gekozen

eind August, het einde van de zomer wordt zichtbaar
ozo subtiel komt de herfst dichterbij
het zonlicht krijgt een gouden gloed
het groen wordt donkerder, grassen bloeien

ik ben verliefd op de subtiele speldenprik tekeningen (scroll!)
op papier van MISO, daarom
een kleine hommage

18 opmerkingen:

  1. oh yes, goodness, this would be your thing, patrice. subtlety into art. how beautifully fragile. and i agree, and long for more of that semi warm autumnal promise, the darker light, the more intense colours... i like the picture you give us.
    thxs for playing, patrice.

  2. Oh that picture captured the end of august just perfect! I can feel the changing already by just looking at it. And I would love to see more of the pen-prich drawings!

  3. if I see this photo without knowing what time it was taken, I think: Autumn (at least by fog and light, maybe not green) but have the peace of Autumn.
    I went to the link of Miso ... Incredible!
    Your tribute is very well done. I also want to see more :)
    Thanks for letting me know his art.
    And thank you very much for your kind words in your comment.

  4. yes, summer's end draws near, evidence is in the air. lovely thoughts and pink prick art, thank you.

  5. Auuuuuuuuugust.......you captured it beautifully, Patrice. I love your pin prick drawings as well. xo Carole

  6. I think there is a bit melancholy in the air in August, over here we know the short summer will soon be over.. I love the delicate beauty in your images, thank you! x Leena

  7. altijd zo vol gevoel.


  8. Wonderful pin-prick art! I'm totally in love. So delicate.
    And yes, the end of summer is near. Even weather changed now. Sigh.

  9. Mmmm, summer fleeing too fast here, as well. Fragile as these delicate pinpricks, the summer's ending.

  10. Dear Patrice, I enjoy your wonderful pic and your're right the end of summer is close, it can change every day once and for all, so we have to soak in every minute. THANK you so much for that link, this pin-prich art is so delicate and wonderful in its subtle and reduced way I can hardly find words how much I love them and feel they reflect you too.
    Please fell invited for the next dc at my place/blog.

  11. That IS an interesting technique. I imagine lots of patience are needed to finish a piece like that.

    Maybe the fall will be a gentle one, slipping in quietly before we really notice. Wouldn't that be a treat? xx C.

  12. Dear Patrice,

    Love that picture I can feel the end of summer also looks so peaceful.
    The pin-prich art you did shows your patience :) I think I'm will try it one day!

    Have a nice day!

  13. I also adore those works by MISO
    and am so lucky to live where I see
    her street art in person
    your homage also beautiful

    great to see the letterpress also

    k x

  14. dear Patrice, coming here after quite some time and i think yes! this is Patrice;
    her love for all things fine , subtle and well balanced, her way of showing, not in lots of pictures but one distilled shot that says it all... and i just love to look at it xx

  15. Just beautiful and delicate- I love this method of working and how it creates the form in such a subtle and beautiful way- not to mention your fine line work anyway!! :)

  16. Patrice your drawing is so evocative of a plant that I can see green in my mind's eye even though there is white only. It is interesting how the mind works. I know this is green so I can see green in my imagination. This is a lovely piece of art. Back in the day when quilts were made from necessity to keep warm, a way to 'draw' a pattern onto a quilt surface (for quilting) was to make a pin-prick drawing of the outline and then lay it in place on the quilt and then sprinkle cinnamon and carefully shake the drawing and quilt so that the powder fell through the holes onto the quilt surface. Then you could use the cinnamon outline to use as a guide for where to place the stitches with thread and needle. It must have smelled great, too! *smiles* Norma,xo

  17. so desperately delicate, dear Patrice
    i don't know why, it fills me with joy

  18. beautiful picture and fine pinpricks - the work of miso is wonderful!
    :-) mano