drawing challenge: chaos and order

the theme of this week is chosen by busy bee Barbara

chaos and order....
i have chaos within, in my head it can be very busy and chaotic
that's why i love order and organization
my studio is a tidy empty space where everything has it's place
while it lasts, because i do like change
and repetitive actions! to soothe my busy head 
like knitting, crocheting and pinprick-drawings

chaos en orde....
chaos heb ik van binnen, in m'n hoofd kan het enorm druk en chaotisch zijn
daarom hou ik van orde en ordening
mijn studio is een opgeruimde lege ruimte waar alles een vaste plek heeft
voor zolang het duurt, want ik hou van veranderen
en van repeterende handelingen! om mijn drukke hoofd te kalmeren
zoals breien, haken en speldenprik-tekeningen

12 opmerkingen:

  1. I am so attracted to the perfect simplicity of this. Beautiful.

  2. Dear Patrice, I like your simple beautiful artworks, they are perfect less-is-more-types and I love order and I agree its soothe the chaotic state of mind, but unfortunately the chaos always wins with me .
    And you're for sure no boring person, but well organized which I'm really jealous about, but you probably know what kind of people I thought of, the boring ones, with no single creative thought in their head.

  3. I love your pinprick-artwork! Pure and fragile. Like all kinds of your work. It's exactly your clean and simple style that I adore. Perhaps because I'm quite the opposite of you, few order and organisation around me, but mostly very calm and tidied up within. I sometimes long for a tidy empty surrounding, but I wouldn't stand it for long, I'm afraid. ;o)

  4. such a wonderful pin prick piece
    thank you for sharing your inner world of chaos next to your outer world of order

  5. ooooh, dearest Patrice,
    your pinprick art soothes even me!
    The black carton... the univers to me, univers-kosmos-order. Each point of light a star (or fizz, or pretty lightful pearls). If one stand too close all together like a chaos... but with a little distance one recognize the order (like in real life!) Love it!

    Your cross reminds me on Red-Cross... and in my case on a X-ray image, too...

    Love to you and your Lovelies
    xo Ariane.

  6. good on you, pin pricking away, letting in subdued light, which will inspire....

  7. I love the image and thank you for the text as well, it is always fascinating to read about art processes:) Leena

  8. MMMM, Patrice, I can so relate to the busy head syndrome! My own mind is so often awhirl. Love the cross of order you created.
    xxoo, sus

  9. you create your own order dear Patrice and it's a very fine one, beautiful photo too, xx

  10. wie schön das ist!! I really love your pinprick order!
    :-) mano