drawing challenge: fern

the theme of this week was chosen by Norma

soft feathery green
in a shaded corner of our garden
i would like to hide there
from the heat
sitting on soft moss

drawing challenge: varen

zacht gevederd groen
in een schaduwhoekje van onze tuin
ik zou daar willen schuilen
tegen de hitte
zittend op zacht mos

11 opmerkingen:

  1. mooie foto's! zou echt een geweldig plekje zijn in deze hitte, om eronder te schuilen voor de zon....

  2. much needed lovely green,
    looking forward to seeing your

  3. i'm with you, patrice. let's alongate on the green, have our cuppa in the shade, smell the ferns. and curl, and uncurl.
    sounds like bl** gymnastics! ha!
    but no, you're right. the sight of that gracious fern...

  4. These fern photograph images are just what a doctor might order. Or anyone for that matter. They are a sight for sore eyes, or any eyes for that matter. And they are medicine just to look at, whether one is feeling ill, or NOT. I love this post. Thank you Patrice! Maybe I will photograph my buddha sitting under a fern. I've been meaning to take a picture for some time and haven't done so as of yet. *hugs* Norma, xo

  5. i agree, ferns are a wonderful place to hide from the heat... they like the cool shady places. lovely to see your ferns.

  6. Wow, Patrice, that second photo (especially) is terrific. You have captured the shy fern wonderfully well. -sus

  7. What a pretty corner of your garden.
    Despite the heat, it still looks so lush and green.
    I am a big fan of ferns, in all their stages of growth and decay.
    Hope you are keeping cool my friend

  8. Such beautiful photos.
    I so admire your discipline in having a weekly project. Yesterday I sat at my drawing table for an hour, pushing things about and making bad work! But at least I tried.
    Thank you again for inspiring me to let my hair go its natural silver color.
    I feel like a free woman!
    Hope you and the boys are well and enjoying the end of summer.
    Much love
    xo, j

  9. so very lovely
    ferns truly are beautiful

  10. Lovely ferns. No matter how large or small, they give such an air of elegance and delicacy. Beautiful!

  11. I have enjoyed to look at your blog, amitiƩ, Martine