drawing challenge: autumn

on a fine autumn day....
early in the morning first a walk through the woods with the dog
enjoying the colors of the trees and the thick layer of leaves
enjoying the sound and smell when we walk through
i love the low position of the sun, the light different and warmer
especially when it shines on the discolored reed
a constant golden movement, with in between, hard to see because
he wears the gray colors of a cloudy autumn day:
a heron
acrylic on canvas, with some beads, 2009

the theme 'autumn' is chosen bij sweet rose Ariane

op een fijne herfstdag....
's morgens vroeg eerst een wandeling door het bos met de hond
genietend van de kleuren van de bomen en de dikke laag bladeren
genietend van het geluid en de geur wanneer we er door lopen
ik hou van de lage stand van de zon, het licht anders en warmer
vooral als het schijnt op het verkleurde riet
een constante gouden beweging, met daartussen, moeilijk zichtbaar omdat
hij de grijze kleuren draagt van een bewolkte herfstdag:
de reiger
acryl op linnen, met enkele kraaltjes, 2009

16 opmerkingen:

  1. yes, your heron.
    i can almost hear him, while looking at your vibrant autumn colours....
    beautiful, beautiful sights.

  2. Just beautiful! the colors are amazing and your heron so regal! Such a treat to see them

  3. Patrice, the blue of the water and gold of the reeds make so great a combination. I also like the thick carpet of leaves and last week actually got lost along the sidewalk by a park. The sidewalk is winding like a snake and the leaves were so thick from the fallen Maple leaves that the grass and sidewalk became one so I got disoriented and kind of lost a few times. I knew I was off of the sidewalk when my foothold was softer and wobbly. I had to find my way back onto the sidewalk. It reminded me of how one loses the way in a heavy snowfall. Anyway...love this visit! *smiles* Norma, x

  4. Gorgeous photos, Patrice, which compliment so well your prose.
    best wishes, sus

  5. lovely autumn photos and oh! your heron, he's gorgeous. autumn is so beautiful where you live.

  6. Oh Patrice, this is truly autum at its best, this kind of autum I like too, wonderful photos, these colors! Yes, I would love to walk there with Yumi too.
    And your heron is nice, nice, nice - I like that you put on the raw background (did that with a few bug paintings too).
    ☺ barbara bee

  7. wow! the heron-painting - wonderful! yes, they are hard to see - the most time before i see them they detect me and fly away. i also like your pictures, the yellow shining reed.
    x dania

  8. Oooh, dearest Patrice,
    so sweet and nice your Autumn post! It is heartwarming this walk with you and the dog. So sensual, so r e a l ... I see the colours, hear and smell... wonderful. And look, there is the heron watching us!
    Great painting! I love the blue in his feathers... it mirrors the blue of the sky like in the water of your fantastic photos. Thank you very much!

    xoxx Ariane.

  9. I could walk your path forever. thank you for sharing all this beauty!

  10. What wonderful golden autumn imressions...I really love your painting with the powerful colours.
    ♥ Sabine

  11. Wat een prachtige foto's! Ongelofelijk mooi! En de reiger trouwens ook, zijn hoofd is prachtig geschilderd!

  12. just a pop in to invite you to the DC this week I'm hosting :)
    hope you have a great week!

  13. such beautiful colors!!


  14. Wonderful! Just no other words for this post! :o)

  15. your paintings are so gorgeous. this bird, one of my favorites. i wish autumn could last forever.
    your new printing press is exciting as well! can't wait to see what you do with it.