drawing challenge: NEW THEME

i'm interested in other cultures
ancient cultures, distant and strange
with different customs, habits, traditions and rituals
such as the Polynesian
and moko, the permanent body and face marking by Maori especially
i want to broaden the subject....

i love drawing
and the nude
i want to combine these two
for the 120th drawing challenge of 09 - 10 november,
skin as canvas for art:


even though i myself have none  ;^))

if you like to play along, this is how it works:
a host picks a theme
bloggers who want to join leave a comment saying they are in
the following saturday the drawings are shown on the blogs 
and the host links to all the participants 
a new host is presented for the following week

all the images i have found through the world wide web


15 opmerkingen:

  1. let's see if i can rustle up a few images in the coming days to sort of warm up the muscle. the drawing muscle! i'm in. will post by sunday night only. n♥

  2. Dearest Patrice,
    fascinating theme, for sure... even I have none tattoo, too... but I wanna draw or/paint! ...

    and, there is a kind of simultaneity that makes me smile, my dear friend. I will show you this weekend.
    I am in ;-))

    xoxx Ariane.

  3. Excellent idea Patrice. I, too, will take the challenge.
    See you this weekend - sus

  4. I have none tattoo and no idea, but - we will see...
    call me in, dear patrice!
    :-) mano

  5. Yes count me in - very interesting theme - and I'm myself interested in those cultures as well very much - nice theme!!!
    Barbara Bee

  6. i love these photos, and am very intrigued by tribal tattoos also patrice. 3 of my children have tattoos, one has a polynesian inspired one he got for our familys connection to the hawaiian islands and our travels throughout the south pacific. i love that it has so much meaning for him. i wish i could draw to participate!

  7. oh my...i love that theme, even if i don't have any tattoo or idea (yet), and a lack of time either. but i'll try, i'll try...

  8. this makes me so happy, as it is a huge part of my work. i am so in!

  9. Hi Patrice, I would love to play but I don't have the time this week, so I'm sorry I can't play (but I have a tattoo, haha, but I already showed it once, so that would be the easy way out;-) Next time I hope to play!

  10. I'm in but may be a bit late....ideas are already bubbling away in my head :)

  11. Such great photos.
    I don't have any tattoos either but usually draw the OM symbol with a permanent marker just below my left hand thumb.
    It reminds me to be kind throughout the day.
    xo, j

  12. I would also like to accept your challenge.
    such wonderful photographs in your post!

  13. dear Patrice, thanks for the invitation, I am in!
    And you noticed my new header: please go again to my blog, today there is something you might don´t want to miss...
    x Stefanie

  14. lieve patrice,
    spannend, die tribals zijn super mooi!

  15. dear patrice, please strike me off from the list. I'm sorry about that, but I can't join in this weekend.