drawing challenge: everyday objects & GIVEAWAY

the theme 'everyday objects' is chosen bij Sunny spot Kristen

a tea towel as mini tablecloth for a dinner for two
or as a napkin, pleasantly large
or where it is meant for: drying the dishes
but slapping annoying flies goes very well with it too

a pump cloth (tea towel) with a linocut print of a dead fly
i made 16 in 2009, they are numbered and signed
but, changes are coming, cupboards are cleared, stock purchase
i want to GIVEAWAY these last two
the giveaway starts now and ends on 5.12, on Sinterklaas evening
good luck!

een afdroogdoek als mini tafelkleed voor een diner voor twee
of als servet, lekker groot
of waar het voor bedoeld is: afdrogen van de afwas
maar het meppen van irritante vliegen gaat er ook goed mee

een pompdoek (afdroogdoek) met een linosnede afdruk van een dode vlieg
ik maakte er 16 in 2009, ze zijn genummerd en gesigneerd
maar, veranderingen komen eraan, kasten worden opgeruimd, voorraad aangeschaft
wil ik deze laatste twee weggeven
de giveaway begint nu en eindigt op 5.12, Sinterklaasavond
veel geluk!

22 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh!
    Waiter - there's a fly on my tablecloth!
    (that's about as good as my jokes get)

    Please place my name in the lucky draw.
    Something from you!
    Yes please!!

  2. oh oh I would love to own one! They are beautiful, nothing more to say...
    Would be nice to have dinner with you at that table!
    Have a nice weekend
    x Stefanie

  3. Lol, I love it, an especially since we have a "no kill" policy in the house...including wasps, flies and spiders, that's as close as we'll get. :)

  4. wauw, grappig, ik heb een vriend die altijd mijne oude, mooie afdroogdoeken van mijn oma, gebruiken om juist vliegen te vangen!
    ik doe graag mee....oh sinterklaas! misschien deze week kruidnoten bakken? vandag zat je veel in mijn gedachten, tot straks.

  5. Beautiful clean lines in your art/creation of this beautiful clean cloth to keep things beautiful and clean. This is a spectacular giveaway Patrice. I'd be stunned to win this one. Please toss my name into the hat. Norma, x
    p.s. I chuckled at the idea of swiping at a fly with the cloth. I have done that many times and really don't think about it. But it is kind of funny. And to think of other people doing it makes it even more funny and human to me. The idea of this swiping business in a functional art piece makes it just so special. Love your table setting. Nice weekend to you! N, :)

  6. Patrice! I had to come back! I KNOW those glasses. I have one and gave it away to my neighbour who loved it to pieces. My other neighbour has a set of them. I saw a water pitcher and set of matching glasses in an upscale modern second hand store. Very very expensive. I love those glasses. Just had to say...N, x

  7. Ha! I use my own towels for that very job - Yours is so charming I'm not sure I could bring myself to the task-
    but you never know... ;) please put my name in and thank you so much for playing along!!

  8. Anoniem1.12.13

    I needed the help of my little son to find out that it is a fly...
    He is thrilled about the linocut.
    I always love your linocuts.
    So we have to enter and keep our fingers crossed.
    Thank you for your warm words some days ago!
    Have a nice advent sunday!
    xx Daniela

  9. Mijn brief aan de goede Sint. Ik ben dit jaar zeer braaf geweest. Doe de afwas nog zonder de machine. Dagelijks. Doe het blauw geruit. Denk tijdens het afdrogen zelfs in blauw geruite woorden. Maar mijn handdoeken hebben niet de prachtige afbeelding die Patrice drukt.
    Aub, lieve goede heilige man. Trappel mijn brievenbus niet voorbij. Denk aan mij.
    Dank u. Uw toegenegen kind. Inge.

  10. Haha, this makes me smile!
    And you wouldn't believe how much it would make me smile if I could use this every day... ;o))
    Happy first Advent!

  11. a giant dead fly. brilliant! we would love these around here. :)
    have a great day (night) Patrice.


  12. :)))
    and might i add this dish towel (we call 'em pompdoek in our dialect, always fascinated by these twists and turns of both dutch and flemish, being so related to one another) is a dream! so leave me out of the competition, of course you will.
    a dinner party for two, for one, i'd never thought about it, but i love using it!
    wonderful to empty out cupboards too...

  13. Hi Patrice, I like this! really. The first photo is like a picture, you look at it as a picture, I think it has a picture composition
    Beautiful very beautiful your towel!!!

  14. ha! i could always use a fly swatting towel at this farm!
    :) i normally loathe the creatures...but yours are , ahem, beautfiul!

  15. Every day objects, for sure but nothing ordinary about them - very stylish teatowels, Patrice! Please put my name in your give away.

  16. Wow wat een prachtige give-away en perfect voor deze DC! Ik hoop toch zeker dat je er zelf ook eentje houd! Wat een eer om een echte Patrice in mijn bezit te hebben, ik ben benieuwd ;-) Fingers crossed! Mooie photo's heb je weer gemaakt, je hebt echt een hele eigen stijl!

  17. oh oho, dearest Patrice,
    oh how nice and beautiful...
    you nailed a dc theme in this post, again
    in such a wonderful way
    Great photos... and, of course
    I really love LOVE the towel with your linocut of the dead fly! It is simply fantastic, Dear! Would be very lovely to have one in the Castle...

    Thank you so much for your sweet words at rose... Ik ben een tran wegvegen moeten.

    kiss left and right and left
    and a big hug

  18. Nice! You and your giveaway!
    I swat the flies with an dirty old flyswatter.
    Not sure if I could do it with these original Patrice's!
    Yes, please, put my name in your giveaway.
    xo Carole

  19. Cindi3.12.13

    Lovely arrangements of the everyday, though they look pretty special to me. I, too, have used towels for snappy dispatches. I'm not too squeamish, but flies are one thing that absolutely make my skin crawl, though I love the sense of humor in the print!

  20. Love them! I've been in such a blue mood lately. Not blue "sad." Just lovely indigo and all those midnight shades. Especially with the merest hint of sparkle. Cozy, and magical. Like a snowy landscape, with vast sky, and a single Christmas star.

  21. I'd love to have one!
    happily taking part in this giveaway.

  22. Is Sinterklaas storm-proof?
    All the best for you and your lovelies, dear Patrice!
    Stay save
    xoxx Ariane.